AUGUST 13TH, 2019

Congratulations to our first two official entrants into THE Race: Cory Eliason with Rudeen Racing and Aaron Reutzel with Baughman Reutzel Motorsports. We are confident we are on the right track (get it) to getting enough race teams entered. We plan to release the names of another 8 race teams in the next few days, getting us to 10 with almost 6 weeks to go. We’re so confident here at Huset’s Speedway that this race will happen, we are offering drivers who sign up $5,000 each for their trouble if the race does not happen. That means that Cory and Aaron have already won $5,000 each!! Congrats!

Huset’s Speedway | 2012 S Splitrock Blvd, Brandon, SD 57005 | | Steve Przybocki (435) 640-7699